Carrageenans History

carrageenan is a general name for polysaccharides extracted from particular forms of algae that are built up, in contrast to agar, from D galactopyranose units just.


Dawson Turner, writing in his 4-volume work, British Fuci, in 1819 remarked onChondrus crispus(asFucus crispus): that it’ll “…melt down on boiling and subsequently harden right into a gelatine, which I don’t

Despair of seeing though I ‘ve hereafter applied to useful functions

hitherto neglected in my attempts to leave it of service”.

The utilization of this kind of extract from Chondrus crispuswas in fact first described around 1810 in Ireland, when it had been advocated as a cure for respiratory ailments. The name “carrageen” for this species appears ot have now been introduced around 1829), and likely came from Carrigan Head in Co. Donegal in northwestern Ireland. “Carrigan or Carrageen” is a common name throughout Ireland, not surprisingly as it means “Little Rock”. The employment of Carrageen or Irish Moss propagate to New England, USA from Ireland, likely via the Irish migrants fleeing the potato famines of the 18th and 19thcenturies. A small processing sector developed there that enlarged tremendously during World War II, primarily to replace the war had agar, the supply of which from Japan adn elsewhere were cut off by the war. Following the war,
carrageenan slowly became a significant power in the food additives business, and is now the seaweed that is top -extract on the world ‘s marketplaces.

What’s it for?

carrageenan are food additives that are perfect: they possess a selection of emulsifying and gelling properties including a slime that is soft to a fragile gel that one could almost walk upon. As the percent carrageenan could be as low as 4% and you’ll be actually walking on water. There is also a higher reactivity using a variety of substances including, above all, milk proteins, being extensively used at low concentrations in dairy products to avoid fractionation of milk components.

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